Meditation Magic- Yoga Traveler Online Studio Product


You get:

15 + Guided Meditations

4 Breathing Exercises

Yoga Nidra Sequence (Yogic Sleep)

Evergreen access (You ALWAYS have access!)


Meditation Magic

Enter into Meditation Magic.  Meditation is a way to reduce stress and develop concentration.  Meditation has been found to change mood and outlook, develop self-discipline, build healthy sleep patterns, and increase pain tolerance.  Who doesn’t need a few minutes of calm in middle of a busy day?

This program is full of guided meditations which are under 10 minutes.  They will help you find calm, release stress, slow the breathing, and get you back to your day.

With Meditation Magic Membership You get: 

Over 75 Guided Meditations

Breathing Practices

Yoga Nidra Sequence (Yogic Sleep)

Moving into Meditation

Calm, relaxation, and focus with every meditation

Meditation Magic


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