Pregnancy Yoga Program- Mommy Goddess Yoga


Pregnancy Yoga Program- Mommy Goddess Yoga

Yoga for nine months of pregnancy and beyond.  Learn how to ease your body during each trimester.  Get yoga to ease common aches of pregnancy. Learn how to use props to support your baby.  And get tips through yoga during labor and into postpartum.


Pregnancy Yoga Program- Mommy Goddess Yoga

Welcome to Mommy Goddess Yoga- a Pregnancy Yoga Program.  You are in an amazing time of life and you understand that you need to take care of yourself and your growing baby.  So, how do you take care of yourself?  What is safe to do?  Can yoga really help ease some of the pregnancy pains? Mommy Goddess Yoga will teach you what you need to know!

Mommy Goddess Yoga includes a Yoga Form Check with Abby, E-RYT 200.  You can ask all your specific questions about yoga, your body, and how to ease your next nine months!- $30 Value

Pregnancy Yoga Program

Pregnancy Yoga Program Includes…

Practice yoga safely for each trimester of your pregnancy.  Learn the benefits of yoga for your changing body while understanding how yoga poses may need to change to accommodate your baby and body.

  • First Trimester Yoga Lesson- $20 Value
  • Second Trimester Yoga Lesson- $20 Value
  • Third Trimester Yoga Lesson- $20 Value

Yoga is such a wonderful tool to ease the body and provide relief.  Mommy Goddess Yoga lessons will give you all the yoga you need to ease your hips, back, and restless legs.  Feel the relief!

  • Ease the Back- your back will love this! $20 Value
  • Focus on the Psoas- this is invaluable to stretch and lengthen the front of your hips as your body changes and the baby grows- $20 Value
  • Happy, Healthy, Hips- $20 Value
  • Relief for Morning Sickness- Yoga can help you relax your body when you feel the pits- $20 Value
  • Restore the Legs- Relief for restless legs $20 value

Pregnancy is a great time to utilize props for support and comfort and to make yoga poses possible.  Learn to use a chair and a bolster to continue your practice all through your pregnancy.

  • All You Need is a Chair- Chair Yoga Practice $20 Value
  • Yoga with a Bolster- A bolster is a wonderful tool to prop your growing belly and ease the back and hips $20 value
  • Top 10 Prenatal Tips!!

The baby is on the way!  What comes next?  Learn how yoga can continue to ease your body during yoga and and help you heal and recover after.

  • Yoga to Ease Labor- Learn how yoga poses can ease some labor pains $20 Value
  • Postpartum Reintegration- Baby is here!  Let’s start easing into your regular yoga practice. $20 Value
  • Yoga for Mood Swings- The hormones in your body will be regulating so you may need to do some yoga! $20 Value

Yoga Traveler’s Pregnancy Yoga Program will give you ease, strength, and comfort for this amazing nine months journey and beyond!


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