Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners- 5 Open Heart Practices

Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners Listen on Spotify! I teach yoga for gratitude for beginners. Yoga can fill me with so many emotions- joy, calm, energy, peace.  Since yoga is such a part of my life, it comes full circle that I would seek out yoga to elicit gratitude.  Let’s practice five asanas together thisContinue reading “Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners- 5 Open Heart Practices”

10 Powerful Mantras for Gratitude Beginners

Mantras for Gratitude Beginners Listen on Spotify! Let’s learn about Mantras. I have 10 mantras for gratitude beginners. A mantra is a sound, vibration, or word repeated to focus one’s mind on one point.  The purpose of the mantra is to connect to something higher, like having mantras for gratitude beginners. Mantras were originally meantContinue reading “10 Powerful Mantras for Gratitude Beginners”